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ZonGuru's Affiliate Program

Welcome To ZonGuru’s Affiliate Program!

Join hands with ZonGuru and empower your audience with premium Amazon FBA seller tools. For each subscription we acquire through your affiliate link, you get paid a handsome commission. Here are the payout terms:

1. Payout begins after your earnings surpass $300 and is paid monthly

2. Commission percentage varies but starts from 30%

3. Convenient monthly or annual payouts

4. Continue to get paid for every renewal


Affiliate partners do not earn a commission for:

1. Signing up with a personal account

2. Coupon/discount style websites

3. PPC Ad branded search terms

4. Promoting ZonGuru in a way that does not reflect our brand values.

We reserve the full right to determine whether any commission falls into any of the above-stated categories.

Commission structure

Title Commission form Commission
Guru 1 Percentage 30%

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